Unlocking the Art of Bad Decision-Making: Discover These Expert Tips ✅

It is true that we learn more from failure than we do from success.

When you’re looking to add to your failures and learn some great lessons, you want to make bad decisions, decisions that lead to more problems. 

Wondering where to start? Here are some tips. 


Assume the worst will happen. 

Let go of any rational thought, allow fear to take over, and engage in unthinking behavior. 

It’s all you

Don’t consider any other viewpoints. Don’t talk to people, don’t ask for advice, don’t ask for opinions. Do it all alone. 

Especially not from the people who will be affected by the decision. Don’t involve them in any way. 

Follow your impulse

Underthink it. Move fast. 

Fix symptoms

Take a superficial approach. Simply apply an ointment to whatever the most obvious part of the problem is, and don’t look for root causes. The rest will figure itself out. 

Ignore everything else

Make a decision based on a single symptom or reason. 

Forget the rest of your business, other people, the future, or lessons of the past. Just do the one thing, on its own, without considering the consequences. 

Bonus: Think outside the box. 

What next

As far back as 1967, Peter Drucker was telling us that good decision-making is about being “sound rather than clever”. Are you making sound decisions in your business? Let’s get on a 30-minute discovery call to talk through what is on your plate right now.