The Shakespeare challenge🎭: how your business can be as creative as the bard

It is said that Shakespeare invented 1700 new words. 

Amongst these 1700 are:

  1. To elbow – he created the verb from the existing noun “elbow”
  2. Assassination – he created the noun from the existing verb “to assassinate”
  3. Dwindle – adapted from the Middle English word “dwine” meaning to waste away

You may notice a pattern here: these new words are simply variations and new uses of existing words. 

Inventing is just adapting what’s already there.

Why be as creative as Shakespeare

What does this have to do with business?

In business management, “invention” is a continuous practice called “Innovation”. 

And you want to do it like Shakespeare. 

Innovation isn’t a sudden surprise revelation. 

Innovation is taking what already exists and finding better ways to do it. 

And it is what keeps your business relevant. 

When to be as creative as Shakespeare

Innovation is not about new products. Innovation isn’t even about new ideas. 

Innovation is about new value. 

And that’s something you want to offer whenever you can. So your business is always moving from “we can’t/don’t do that” to “how do we do that?”.

So: how, again?

Innovation will come from doing what you do well and still finding better ways to do that. 

To make innovation an ongoing practice in your business you need:

  1. A mission
  2. Continuous training
  3. Client knowledge
  4. Experimentation
  5. Distraction
  6. Ongoing support

Join me over the next 6 weeks to learn how to offer and develop each of these in your business.

What next

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