Take your business from perfect to valuable🤩

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Perfection: the absence of flaws. 

Generally filed somewhere between time travel, magic wands, and unicorns. In other words: the fantasy section. 

The pursuit of perfection in your business will lead nowhere. Replace it with the pursuit of value. After all:

“Perfection is the elimination of flaws. Value is the creation of worth.”

(For more fun phrases for effect, head right over to Amazon).

Now: to agree about what value means in all three business pillars. 

Value to your employees

Is whatever makes them happy. 

Your job, as the employer, is not to create a perfect environment but to create one that makes your employees happy, productive, and motivated. 

Don’t look at what others are doing and try to copy it. 

And don’t think that a single transaction is going to create happiness. A ping pong table, fancy coffee machine, or pizza Fridays, are all nice perks but they won’t transform a culture. 

Look at what your employees value, they are right in front of you, just ask them. 

Value to your clients

Your clients don’t care about something being “perfect” in an absolute sense. 

They care about it being “perfect” for them. 

And to know if something is “perfect” for them, you have to know what they value. What are the results that will make a difference and put a smile on their faces? 

That is value, an improvement in their lives, and it is all that matters. 

Value to yourself

Owning and running a business is exciting and fulfilling and empowering. 

It is also challenging and tiring and stressful. 

You have to like the business you are building. You have to know why it is a good business, what you can be proud of, and where it is taking you. 

Don’t try to create a “perfect” business. 

Work in a business and on a business that you value. One that you like. 

What next

Remove the word “perfect” from your vocabulary. Remove the idea of “perfect” from your mind. Rewrite your business plan so it is all about value.