You’ve got the brains, I’ve got the tools: let’s make lots of money 🤑 (3/5)

(Here’s hoping you read that with the Pet Shop Boys tune in your head)

Businesses have to make money. But not for the sake of making money. 

It’s money that makes a business survive, grow, and develop.

The article we are referencing lists two money-related benefits you must offer:

  1. Increase profit
  2. Save money

Other benefits can’t happen without these benefits. We call these: business benefits.

Business benefits

What are your client’s larger business goals? 

If you don’t know the answer to this question, find a way to ask. 

Then figure out how your service or product fits in.

Business results are many and varied, and will include such areas as:

  • New markets
  • New clients
  • More clients
  • Better engagement or visibility
  • Additional investors
  • Industry recognition
  • Product development
  • Retain employees
  • Hire employees
  • Acquire a business

And more. 

Each of these requires ongoing revenue.  

Increase profit

And not just revenue: profit. 

Know how you make your clients more money, so they can achieve all those business benefits. 

Save money

And take it one step further: put that saved money to use. 

Explain how that saved money can be put to better use in another area.

And more

You want your product or service to help your clients succeed. It’s good to know how you can increase their profit and save them money; it’s even better to know how that money drives their business to better results. 

What next

It’s your turn: list at least 5 business benefits you offer your clients. And then get in touch, let’s review them over a free 30-minute phone call.