Why your clients will choose you again next time

Your clients have options. 

They don’t have to buy from you. They don’t have to choose you. They don’t have to call you. 

There are plenty of other people and businesses that will gladly take their calls. 

What can you do to make sure you are their first phone call time after time after time again?

What makes your clients loyal to you?

Loyal Clients

Loyal clients are the clients who don’t just buy from you: they buy from you over and over. And they tell others to buy from you. And they talk about how great it was to buy from you. 

These are clients who got more than just a solution to their problem: they had a good time. These are clients who enjoy working with you. 

And what makes clients enjoy working with you? 

They are understood

A client-vendor relationship is two experts coming together: the client is an expert in their work or life, and you are an expert in your service or product. That service or product will serve the client’s work or life. 

Go one step further by also becoming an expert in your client’s work or life. 

You will never know more about them than they know, obviously, but you can go a long way to empathy by simply adopting their language, examining life from their perspective, and learning how to see their needs first and your solution second. 

They see improvements

Something has to change. 

Something has to get better. 

Find the transformation you bring to clients, and make sure it is something you can point to and make them see as well. 

They receive value

Which is another way to say something gets better. 

It is worth mentioning so that you focus on the word “value”. Value is about them, not about you. Know what they value and then deliver that. 

They have a great experience

It is not enough to deliver a great solution. Your clients have to enjoy the journey. 

People don’t sue doctors because they make mistakes, people sue doctors because they were ignored or spoken down to (there was a study in 2015). 

Communicating, explaining, welcoming, and generally addressing your client’s needs will add significant value to your interactions. There are always bells and whistles you could add to the customer journey, but nothing will beat the simple act of paying attention. 

They feel they were special to you

They know they are not your only client. 

But you should make them feel like they are. 

When you speak their language, solve their problems, give them value, and treat them with attention and respect, they will come out of the experience feeling great. 

What next

Review your pitch, your website, and your marketing materials, and be harsh: how many jargon words are you using? Let’s talk about building a value proposition all about the customer.