Why Should I Care About Branding?

A question I have heard many times, though expressed in different ways. 

It might be: 

“A brand is a logo and colors, right?”

Or else:

“I am my brand, what else do I need?”

It is not always clear what a brand is, or why it matters to a business. 

Branding is everything you do

Every interaction, every communication, every touchpoint, that you have with your audience will leave an impression. This impression contributes to what people think about. And in turn to how they describe you when you are not around. 

That is your brand: it is everything you do. 

No interaction is neutral. Every time you talk to or serve a client, you will leave either a good or bad impression. 

Could that impression be “indifference”? Possibly. Still: that is a bad impression for you. 

Every little connection is a time when people are judging you. Not in a “Judgy McJudgeFace” way, but rather in the natural “forming opinions” way. 

Make sure those opinions are positive. 

Sharing your brand

You can do that by making sure you are deliberate in defining your brand and in sharing it with the world. 

First determine your guiding principles: your core brand definitions. Know who you want to be and how you want to be known by your clients. 

Then: act upon it. 

How do you continue to give that impression with every interaction? How do you prove that it is true? 

Your brand definition must permeate all parts of your business, including employees, marketing, sales, and product. 

A well defined brand helps build Loyal Customers. Let’s get started writing your Value Proposition.