Three ways to understand your clients better 🧐 (2/6)

There is only one way to offer a great customer experience: to understand your clients. 

I mean really understand them. Not as a general category, or a demographic. Understand them as people and individuals, even when you tackle them as a group. 

How do you do that? What does it mean to understand your clients?

Understand what they want

A topic covered extensively on this blog: customer context is everything. 

It’s about realizing that clients are more than just buyers, they exist before and after the sale too.

It’s a lot easier to understand what they want if you know who they are both before and after they work with you.

Knowing their journey can give you a better sense of the outcome they are looking for.

Understand what they say

Everybody claims to listen. 

But you can go one step further. You can understand. You can translate what your clients are saying into a context you understand, in order to better relate to their stories. 

Don’t limit your listening to what is directly related to your product or service. 

Instead ask more questions, take more notes, and don’t stop listening until you have a full picture of your clients’ wants, concerns, hopes, and preferences. 

Understand how they act

There’s no way to serve your client without interaction. 

Yes: even for purely remote software solutions. When a client interacts with a website or a product, that counts too. 

Understand how your clients want to interact with you. How do they want you to communicate, and how often? How do they like to be spoken to? What is their preferred environment? 

Match the experience of working with you to their preferences. 

What next

What is the most important thing you know about your clients? Schedule a free 30-minute call to talk through it out loud and see what information you are missing.