Three things you don’t do, but keep talking about

There are good ways to talk about your business, and there are bad ways to talk about your business. 

The good ways make people understand what you do and want to work with you. 

The bad ways leave people confused, uninformed, or bored. 

The following are three bad ways to talk about your business: while these are popular phrases, they aren’t things you actually do. 

You don’t help people

They aren’t hiring you for emotional support or positive thoughts. They are hiring you for you to take action and transform their situation. 

You don’t help people: you do things that help people. 

Once you replace the action verb with “help”, you are hiding your true value and leaving your audience with a vague sense of good intentions, without much more. 

Lead with the action you take, or the transformation you bring to their lives. 

You don’t sell peace of mind

Peace of mind is not a product, it’s not a service, and it has no price. 

I have already covered the problems with selling peace of mind, and the lessons remain the same. 

The outcome of your work with a client may be that they feel less stressed and more in control. But that’s a consequence of your work. 

Tell people what you do, and let them tell you how it makes them feel. 

You don’t serve everybody

Trust me. You don’t. 

You could say that everybody in the world has a need for the service you provide. This is probably true for dentists, shoemakers, and several others. 

But you serve your clients only, not anybody who fogs a mirror. 

There will be people not willing to pay what you charge, there will be people who want to pay more than you charge, there will be people who don’t like your office, or who don’t follow your process, there will be people who want a different experience, there will be people who aren’t ready for you yet. And there will be people that you just don’t enjoy working with. 

Know who you serve and why. And talk to those people. 

What you do do

You take an action that causes some transformation for the right type of client. 

What next

Can you recreate that last sentence by inserting information about your business? Schedule a discovery call with me, and let’s discuss what more you might need.