Selling Peace of Mind

A comment I have heard in at least four different conversations over the past couple of months:

“I sell peace of mind”. 

The four people who said this were: an attorney, a beauty salon owner, an auto mechanic, and a doggy day care owner. 

But they all sell the same thing… or do they? 

What you Sell

Each of these four people sells something distinct. A customer would not confuse a doggy day care with a car repair shop. Nobody is likely to bring their car to an attorney hoping to get the brakes fixed. 

Learn the Lessons

But I expect any service provider to sell me their expertise. If the brakes on my car need a closer look, what I want is an auto mechanic who will diagnose the exact problem, explain it to me clearly, tell me how to fix the problem now and how to avoid it in the future, and so on. 

The next customer may want an auto mechanic who does not spend time explaining, and simply fixes the problem within the hour. 

We – as two customers – both need auto mechanics. We may decide to go to two different auto mechanics. And we would be best served by those auto mechanics that work in the way we each prefer. 

Telling your customers how you deliver your service, and how you are different from others in your field, is how you find your best clients. 

What you sell is your expertise, so bring that to the fore. 

What you Solve

Do you also provide peace of mind?


But that’s not for you to decide. 

In the example above: peace of mind for me is knowledge and control. Peace of mind for the other customer is speed. 

Peace of mind means something different to every person. Peace of mind is also applicable to any service in any field. 

Peace of mind means anything you want it to. And for this reason, “peace of mind” means nothing. 

When you are telling us what you sell and what you solve, be specific to your area of expertise. Saying what you do and that you sell peace of mind is tantamount to saying “Trust me: I’m an attorney”. Don’t tell me, show me and prove it with how you speak about what you do.