The fun factor: how to build your customer experience 🥳(5/5)

Benefits aren’t everything: complete your offering with a great customer experience. 

I am obliged to eat every single day. Since it is something I must do, I am determined to have fun doing it. 

Once your clients are convinced by your benefits, they still have to work with you on it all. Make sure they can have fun doing it. 

How people feel

Think back to the last time you left a great review for a service you received. How much of that was about the completion of the service, and how much of it was about the experience of working with the business?

And when people leave a review about your business, what do you want them to say: 

“They completed the job”


“They were easy to work with, made everything smooth and simple, and were reliable throughout. I would recommend working with them to anyone”. 

Sometimes a great experience means fast and cheap. More often, it means things were easy, everything was explained well, the service provider was available and helpful, etc. 

How to do it

Start with the basics. 

Sure, there are bells and whistles and bows that you can add as well. But it all starts with the fundamental experience of getting the job done

How are you:

  • Making the service easy to understand?
  • Making the service easy to buy?
  • Making the work easy to do?

What next

Design your buyer’s journey to be simple and easy, from first contact to completed project. And contact me for work on Loyal Clients ($3500), including your buyer journey.