The curse of too many options pushes your clients away 🫣 (3/4)

Your clients are not just choosing between you and that one competitor. 

They are not just choosing between you and all your direct competitors either. 

Your clients have options. All sorts of options. Too many options. 

And it can be hard for them to decide how to spend their money. 

Being good is not enough

You know you offer a premium service. 

And you know exactly why it is such high quality. 

But does your client know? 

The generic option might be easier

Look around. Find out what the generic option in your industry is. 

What is the no-brand, low-cost option your clients can choose instead of you?

DIYing might be easier

And almost everything has a DIY option. It may not be a good option, but it exists, and there can be many reasons why it sounds pleasing to your client. 

How might a client go about DIYing your service? 

Saving money might be easier

Your client’s budget is finite. At any given moment, they only have so much money to spend. 

What budget are you part of? Which part of their business or household expenses will be dedicated to you?

Where else might they decide to spend that money?

If they spend it on you, what are they saying no to?

What next 

Answer all these questions and then review your messaging. Are you clear on why selecting you is still the best option, despite these options? Schedule a call to share your conclusions and the best way to use them.