How Do You Keep Up?

“How do you remain ahead of competitors when dealing with digital challenges?”

This question was presented in a small business forum, which I frequent.

Things happen quickly in digital trends, customer preferences, and life in general, frankly. When a competitor seems to be making noise, the immediate reaction is often to try to one-up them.

If this happens to you, I suggest you stop, and remember that you want to innovate for clients, not for competitors.

Making decisions

Focus more on digital trends and your clients, less on your competitors.

Don’t worry too much about whether people do things before you, after you, or not at all. Rather focus on what resonates with your clients and what trends you can use to your clients’ favor.

If you see a competitor jump on a trend before you, don’t worry about it. It is much more important to be effective than to be “next” or, for that matter, even “first”.

Talk to your clients and talk to your employees. Let your stakeholders dictate your decisions; not competitors, who will never spend money on you.

Do your clients know why you are better than the competition? Improve your business positioning – let’s talk.