Why you have to write an investor presentation, even without investors 👩‍🏫

What are you doing this week to work ON your business, even for half an hour?

How about starting a new investor presentation?

What’s that you say: you don’t have investors?

Well, that’s not the point. I want you to write this for you and your business. 

But isn’t it meant for investors?

Yes. In principle. 

An investor presentation is a slide deck or report that business owners use to ask for financing. 

But you should create the presentation to use for yourself, and share in your business. 

Ok, but why?

Because you will be creating a detailed plan for your business. 

One that includes goals, resources, and the best ways to make decisions in the future. 

Write as if somebody else will read it

By organizing your thoughts and ideas into a coherent presentation, you will find yourself with a deeper understanding of your business. This “thinking out loud” will make you better equipped to communicate your vision to any audience.

Investors want proof

Investors use these documents to decide where to put their money, and they make that decision because they believe the business will be successful and make them money. 

Writing to convince this audience will force you to think critically about what you include, exclude, and promise. 

Where do I start?

Forbes offers a good list of what to include. 

Where is all your company information now? 

It is probably on your website, other marketing materials, maybe in your employee handbook, and a lot of it exists only in your head. 

Bring it all together and get it on paper. 

Over the next six weeks, TOYB will cover the items on this Forbes list, grouped together as:

  1. The business concept
  2. Problem & solution
  3. Your market, the competition, and your competitive advantage
  4. Your product and traction
  5. Business models and the financials
  6. The people involved

What next

What do you want to be included in that presentation? Start with brainstorming, and thinking out loud, schedule a call with me and tell me what’s on your mind.