From Risk to Opportunity

Risk and opportunity must coexist in business every day.

Focus only on risk, and your business will become stagnant.

Ignore the risk for opportunity alone, and you will outpace your resources.

Somewhere in between Kodak and lies the successful business.

Right now, COVID19 is doing its part to highlight the risks. Let’s also address the opportunities that will arise from how we address those risks.

In this video learn about balancing risk and opportunity from experts in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Business Law & Contracts
  • Management (yours truly)

Heather Riggs, of Atlanta Legal Marketing, tells us about :

  1. Reaching the right people
  2. Unbundling services
  3. Access to Justice

Fibia Gee, of Found Professionals, tells us about:

  1. Hiring as a continuous process
  2. Implementing culture
  3. Virtual on-boarding

Tanya Osensky, of Osensky law, tells us about:

  1. Your force majeure clause
  2. Custom contracts
  3. Connecting business to law

See my segment for comments about:

  1. Knowing what has to get done
  2. Measuring success