3 key business skills, part 1: Management

“It is easy to be distracted by your customer-facing work, but the foundation of your success will be built on sound management practices.”

This quote is the reason I keep returning to this article in Small Biz Viewpoints

The article highlights three key business skills that owners must nurture. We’ll take a look at each skill, in turn, starting with my personal favorite: management.  

Manage your business

Decision-making is what will make or break a business. And decision making is the key function of management. Whether you have 1 employee or you have 100, you are still managing a business. And management is a craft. 

Develop your craft, nurture it, and practice it intentionally.

Manage your relationships

No business exists without relationships. 

You have clients, vendors, providers, and employees. Or at least one of the above. 

You set the standards for your communication and how you interact, and the experience you create in working with you. 

The way you choose to interact with those individuals and groups of people is part of your management plan. 

Manage your resources

Resources can be digital, they can be physical, and they can be large or minuscule. They can include people and finances, vehicles, or software tools. 

Anything you require to make your business work is a resource you must manage. 

How you select the correct resources, maintain them, and use them, is part of your management plan. 

Manage your reality

And, of course, what you do with it all. 

Your strategy, your plan, your goals, your priorities. 

The ways you decide to exist and operate in the marketplace are part of your management plan. 

What next

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