Information – Knowledge – Wisdom

Learn the Lessons

Information is knowing what you are.

Let’s say, you’re a CPA.

Saying “I’m a CPA” demonstrates that you have the correct information.

Knowledge is knowing what you do.

“I complete your tax return and do your monthly book keeping”.

This demonstrates that you know what the information means, you know what being a CPA entails.

Wisdom, is something else entirely.

Wisdom is knowing why anybody else should care.

What you do, in of itself, does not affect my life, for better or for worse. How you apply what you do, now that could be of interest.

“I reduce your debt and improve your credit rating”. Now you have my interest.

Wisdom is knowing how to talk about your skills in a way that matters to your audience.

When you talk to your prospects, are you talking about you? Or are you talking about them? Contact me to refine your Value Proposition to a simple, specific message.