How to describe the technical benefits of your service

Your clients want to know what’s in it for them when they buy from you. 

They want to know the benefits of using your service. 

Note the plural use of the word: there are always multiple benefits and as a business owner or leader, you must know what they are. 

Last time (link above) we looked at some personal benefits. Today, let’s focus on the technical benefits. 

Don’t save time or money

In the immediate, you are costing your clients both time and money. The time to learn about you and hire you, and the money it costs to buy from you. 

In the long run, hopefully, you do save your clients time and money.

As technical benefits go: saving time or money is merely a starting point. 

Add benefit

Rather than focusing on the time and money you save, talk about what your clients will do with that time and money that will make this a profitable investment. 

It is not just to save money, but rather to redirect that money to another part of the business or project that directly leads to growth. 

It’s not just to save time, but to make sure more is getting done with less effort. 

But there’s more

You are a technician is some craft, in whatever service or product you provide. 

Highlight that technical benefit. 

Do you have the expertise your clients lack? Do you have access to economies of scale your clients could never reproduce? Are you better trained or connected in a certain area of work? 

How are you using your technical abilities to do something for the customer that they could not be doing for themselves?

This is about you, too

Technical benefits are an opportunity to insert yourself directly into your clients’ success. Use it. Know what technical benefits you provide. 

How do you separate features from benefits?

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