Buying Triggers

Have you every asked yourself why your new clients buy from you?

I don’t mean from you specifically, I mean what has prompted them to buy at all?

In almost all cases, buying something is a burden. It is an interruption of one’s productivity, work or leisure time. Before a prospect even has a chance to consider if he or she would like to buy from you as opposed to your competitor, what has prompted that person to buy at all?

Here is one way to look at buying triggers.

ProActive Trigger

Nothing is broken with this person’s current product or system. However, this is somebody who likes to be ahead of the curve and they learned something new which has prompted them to window shop.

That might have been something they read, heard at an event, or even a person they met who recommended you or your brand.

Try to find out what that original prompt was and then align your brand with that new bit of information. This buyer is looking for an innovative solution, and if you prove that you are that, then you will have a sale.

Review Trigger

Here there is a suspicion that something might be broken. Either it has been a long time since this area of business or life has been reviewed, or the buyer is not getting the expected results. Nothing major is wrong, but there is an understanding that things can probably be better.

In this category you are likely to find people who are much more reluctant to buy, and are shopping now out of a sense of necessity more than desire.

The main difference between this buyer and the one above is the willingness. They may require more convincing, as a change – even if beneficial – is a burden.

Disaster Trigger

This buyer is in a hurry and willing to buy. But also stressed and angry. This is when something damaging has occurred and the buyer needs a replacement or new solution to either solve the problem, or ensure it does not happen in the future.

It is a quick sale, but it may still be reluctant and more importantly: you have to be aware of the burden and fears the buyer is juggling while he or she is buying from you.