Change, but for the Better: 3 easy ways to Give Your People Direction ↔️ (2/6)

You’ve got a mission statement, and you’re telling your people to innovate.


Your work here is done. 

Or is it?

It’s not. 

You have to do more than just tell them. You have to give them the tools, the feedback, and importantly: the ideas. 

Here are three ways to do that. 

Future skills

What will this skill look like in 5 years?

Everybody on your team has some form of technical skill. And each of those skills probably has opportunities for further development, whether it is learning new abilities, a more complex application, or new technology. 

Share a list of future skills that employees can tell you they want to explore. 

Future job descriptions

What will each job look like in 5 years?

Another way to look at this is to take the role as a whole. 

Think about how that might change in the future, based on new trends, technology, clients, and the impossible-to-predict unknowns. 

Look back 5 years to how the job has evolved so far, and use that to offer new training ideas. 

Future organizational chart

What will your business look like in 5 years?

This might be my favorite. (I love each of my exercises equally).

Write your organizational chart of the future, based on where you want the business to be and what you want it to be doing. 

Share that with your employees to let them know what skills you will need to develop to get to that future. 

What next

What will your org chart look like in 5 years? Let’s work on annual planning to figure it out.