This one is all about you

Let’s talk about you. 

“Best of the year” lists can sometimes seem a little self-indulgent. But really: when I am looking at the content you consumed the most this year, it is telling me something about you: what you are interested in, and what you are working on in your business. 

So let’s get down to it. 

Which content did you all read and view the most in 2021?

Blog posts

Stop the sales. 

That’s right: the blog post you all enjoyed the most this year is Why it is time to stop selling, explaining how you make money from the act of buying, not the act of selling. 

Is this enough to tell me what you were working on this year? Possibly, especially when I pair this with the second most popular post: Let’s talk about an entrepreneur’s biggest mistake (spoiler: assuming they know what their customers want). 

Most business owners are bad at talking about what they do. And often it is because they are so good at what they do. 

It is challenging to speak to your target audience in a way that is compelling to them because they don’t use (or care about) your jargon, language, or level of detail. They just want to know what’s in it for them. 

This is the main theme in all my Loyal Clients content, click on the link to see past posts and for some hands-on work, drop me a line.



It is a favorite theme of mine – the premise of my book – and a hot topic with you as well. 

The most popular video on my YouTube channel and emails is: Is FollowYourPassion the worst advice ever? Probably. 

Because let’s face it: you run or work in a small business. You’re already doing what you want to be doing. 

Your questions now aren’t about how to follow your passion: they are about how to make the vision a reality. 

Check out the content in my Happy Employees category. There is a lot there about defining missions, culture, and values, as the first step to nurturing happy employees. This work is the foundation for taking your initial good idea to become a thriving business reality. 

Struggling to put this all into a management system? You know what to do: drop me a line.

What next

Every day is a good day to update your plan for happy employees, loyal clients, and reaching your business goals. 

These emails will continue arriving in your inbox every Tuesday with a new blog post and a new video, and always with a tip of what to do next. 

Throughout 2022, pick a mini-subject to focus on each month, and build continuous improvement into your daily work.