Finding the Force: Continuous Improvement and Meeting Goals 🆕 (1/6)

A critical part of business planning is preparing for things to change. The better you can control that change, the easier it will be.

How do you control change?

Use a mission statement. 

It’s easy to innovate with a great mission statement.

Stay on mission

A good mission statement guides your employees. It guides their work and their decisions, every day. 

It also guides their innovation.

A mission statement makes it easier for them to test, experiment, try, adapt, update, change, alter, and any other synonym you want to add to this list. 

As long as they achieve the mission and respect your guiding principles, they can try new things.

But do it better

When was the last time you asked:

  • Is this the best way?

No doubt it was the best way when you started, but it is worth reviewing your business every now and then to see if there is a new, better way. 

When was the last time you asked: 

  • How might we… ?

Try something new. Something that was once impossible or irrelevant can become useful. Be open to it. 

When your employees ask themselves these two questions and work towards a strong mission, you get Innovation. 

What next

Ask the next 5 employees you see what your mission statement is. How many different answers did you get? Let’s talk