Trust and Credibility

I have spent the last week embedded with business owners and job seekers, with conversations revolving around both finding clients and finding employment.

Today’s post is a shorter one, but I want to comment on what the above situations have in common: your Personal Brand.

Most of us are – like it or not – replaceable. No matter how revolutionary your product, there always will be alternatives; no matter what your credentials, there will always be other people with relevant experience; and so on and so forth.

That is ok. What makes you stand apart is, in effect, you. People will review your portfolio and experience but ultimately what will tip the scale is “will I enjoy working with this person?”. There is a lot wrapped into this question, including “will I be able to trust this person, debate with him or her, brainstorm together, understand each other” and more.

Your Personal Brand displays trust and credibility.

We will talk more about this in the future, for now suffice it to say that your story, work ethic and personality will all do wonders in helping you find that next job. Talk to people, make friends and target who you, yourself, trust and believe in.