Are you achieving all of your goals on time?

The next question is: does it matter?

What’s most important to you when it comes to achieving your goals?

  1. Meeting a deadline
  2. Checking a “completed” box
  3. Creating new value in your business

You probably know where I am going with this: goals aren’t about dates and times. 

Goals add value to your business. 

What has to happen

Achieving what you want in business is all about the actions you take. 

Not about when you do things, or when you do things by. 

What matters is doing the right things and doing them well. 

To decide what should happen, write a list of what makes your business successful. 

What more could happen

Do you have a parking lot of ideas for your business?

If not: start one now. Create a writing space where you can “park” ideas and initiatives that you want to work on, but shouldn’t work on now. 

And then, over time, review the list and pick one at a time to add to your work list. 

When should it happen

Whenever it brings you the most value. 

I have seen my clients worry about moving deadlines. My answer to them is always the same: the deadline isn’t about success or failure, the deadline is simply there to track activity. And deadlines can be changed. 

The date should not supersede the value of the work. 

Are you doing good work?

Don’t work for a deadline. 

Do work that adds value, do work that will 

  • Deliver
  • Enable, and
  • Allow 

Good results.

Don’t set deadlines: set standards. 

What next

Know what needs to get done for your business to be successful. Do you want to brainstorm answers to that out loud? Let’s schedule a free 30-minute discovery call