Speak Like a Pro: Turn Technical Jargon into Tangible Benefits 🛠️ (4/5)

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

You can make a client’s life better, you can make a client’s business better, but don’t forget to also make their work better. 

Use your technical skills to ease their day-to-day efforts. It’s how you solve problems they can’t solve themselves. 

These are your technical benefits. 

Technical benefits

It’s all about how you’re different from your clients. 

You are a technician, you are a craftsperson. You are able to do something that your clients can not do. That’s why they hired you. Otherwise, they would do it themselves. 

Technical value is about what you do best: your training, your skills, and your expertise. 

Describing your skills

The trick is to talk about your craft without sounding like a technical manual. 

Learn how to explain:

  • What is the particular work you do 
  • What are the skills needed in your craft
  • How will you save the client time
  • What will they be able to do with that saved time
  • How is using a craftsperson (like you) more effective than attempting to DIY

Work less do more

Your work allows your clients to get more done. 

When you are doing their work they don’t have to, but that’s only half the reason. 

When you are doing their work, you are doing it better than they would. 

What next

Make a list of the technical benefits you offer clients. And contact me to discuss writing a full value proposition for $3500