The System is the Solution

Another view on last week’s message: that good process is what makes your business unique and successful.

You may have heard this expression before, it was the old AT&T business slogan:

The System is the Solution

Once again: the words used, matter.

The solution is the product

Regular readers of this blog will have heard this plenty of times before: a successful business is focused on solving a problem. As long as a business is effectively solving problems for its clients, its employees and its various stakeholders, it will continue to grow.

I approach my clients by thinking of their business, product, and solution as one and the same. I encourage them to do the same.

The solution they provide is the thing that people buy.

The system is the solution

There will be plenty of other businesses out there who offer the same product or service.

It is the combination of how and why you offer your own that will make you stand out. Your complete system should be unique to you, and should be geared towards providing that solution in the best possible way.

“Best”, that is, for your chosen market.

A thorough examination of your business values, mission, resources, and market will allow you to create a unique selling proposition through your process – or system.

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