How are you not like the business exactly like you 🔁 (2/4)

Unique Value Proposition

No two businesses are the same.

People who offer the same product or service as you aren’t exactly like you. 

With last week’s post, you defined your business in various ways. 

Now it’s time to take that to market and see how it works alongside other businesses that do what you do. 

Who are your direct competitors?

Other businesses who do what you do. 

Nike running shoes and Adidas running shoes are direct competitors. 

Mattress Firm and The Original Mattress Factory are direct competitors. 

Netflix and Hulu are direct competitors. 

Your direct competitors are the other businesses whose websites and business cards say the same things yours do . 

How are you not like them?

And yet. 

Customers of any of these brands will be quick to point out how their preferred brand isn’t like the direct competitor.

What do you want your clients to say about you when somebody asks them “Isn’t that company just like…?”

Ask yourself:

  • Why are your prices different?
  • Where and how do they find new clients? Where and how do you?
  • What are they most known for? What are you?
  • What do they most emphasize in their business? What do you?

And most importantly: are your clients and audience aware of these differences?

What next

Can you explain how you’re different without getting into why you’re better? Test your pitch out on me, schedule a call and let’s hear what you have.