Customer experience: an essential to grow your business

You want to make your customer happy. 

That’s not the same as having happy customers. 

It doesn’t matter if your customers are simply happy people (although it’s nice). The important thing is that the actions you take contribute to their happiness.

That’s what you want your customer experience to achieve. 

What is the customer experience?

Every single interaction your customer has with your business. 

It’s not just about when you’re on the phone with them or after they sign up.

It’s about the first moment they hear about you. Whether that happens with

  • an internet search,
  • a referral,
  • seeing a branded object,
  • or any other path:

that first interaction is already part of the customer experience. 

To offer a great customer experience, make sure you are accounting for every moment and method with which your client interacts with your business. 

Outcomes that make them smile

Part of that is achieving the expected result. 

You promise to solve some sort of problem with your customer, so make sure you deliver on that promise. 

But make sure you do it on their terms. The outcome you offer must be not just good, but also easy to understand or use. It has to be obvious to the customer first of all. 

Experiences that make them smile

The other part is making it a good experience. 

Think of your favorite restaurant.

Now imagine it has the same food, but terrible service. There are long wait times, it is always too hot or too cold, the food is slow to arrive, they never refill your water, they get your order wrong, and somebody spills a bowl of soup on you as they walk past. 

You wouldn’t go back much, would you? 

Make the entire experience of working with you a good experience. 

What next

You can do all this with an accurate buyer’s journey, plotting the customer’s roadmap from their first encounter through to the end result. Do you have a written buyer’s journey yet? Let’s hop on a call to see how a consultation with me may help.