Are you making your brand work for you?

What’s in a brand? 

More specifically: what is a brand? 

The varied definitions you will find always describe how people know and recognize a company. Whether it is a logo, a slogan, or a design, the visual brand is a symbolic representation of your company. 

But humans are complex beings, and to every symbol, we assign an opinion. 

In fact: your brand is how you want to be known. 

Functional description

You certainly want there to be a functional side to your brand. 

When somebody thinks of your business, you want them to think about the service you offer or the product you sell. Without that, no matter how well disposed a person is towards your brand, they are not thinking of buying from you. 

Make sure people know what you do and what your brand represents as far as a product, service, or solution means. 

Personal description

When your friends describe you, where do they start? Unless they are giving the police an identikit, they probably start with your personality traits. They will describe you as funny, or smart, or generous, or caring. 

What are the personality traits that people associate with your brand? 

Do they think of you as prompt, or responsive, or jocular, or laid back? 

Do you inspire an image of professionalism? Do you make people think of friendliness? 

How do you want your clients to feel about you, and how do you want your clients to behave with you? 

Your brand will inspire an impression, an opinion, or an emotion. Make sure it’s the right one. 

Everything you do

Your brand is, in simplest terms: everything you do. 

Every touchpoint, every email, every phone call, every website page, every story, every product, and every social media post contributes to your brand. 

The image you give is your brand. 

It is how people think about you. It is how they describe you when you are not in the room. 

Your business brand is everything that makes you, you; for better or for worse. 

Remember that with each new communication and decision. You are always creating an impression: make sure it is a good one. 

What impression do you make? Let’s review how your clients talk about you and create a solid and simple value proposition.