How are you hiring?

You have a role; now it’s time to fill it. 

Use the work you did to know why you are hiring and who you are hiring to improve how you are hiring. 

Hiring skills

How important is skill expertise in hiring? 

It turns out: not very. 

Skill expertise is not to be ignored, of course, any role will require a certain ability in a certain type of work. And depending on the role, that skilled expertise will need to be more or less specific. 

Skills, however, can be refined, improved, and trained. 

If you hire for skills only, you are not hiring a person. You are hiring a task. 

Hiring people

But you need a person. 

You need a person who will work, think, adapt, and improve. And who will want to accomplish the same goals you want to accomplish. 

In our work over the previous two weeks, we didn’t talk about tasks until the very end. Plan your hiring in the same order. 

You want, first and foremost, somebody who can solve your problem. 

You want somebody who values the same success criteria that you do. 

And, most importantly, you want somebody with whom you and your team can work, communicate, and collaborate. 

How are you hiring

Give importance to finding the right personality.

Not the same personality. The right one

Know which personal and personality attributes are required to work well within your culture – think about your values and guiding principles – and then hire somebody who shares the values, while having new opinions and abilities. 

Do you have an onboarding plan that works for every new role?

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