Hiring Hack: How Knowing Your Differentiation Attracts Top Talent. (The Worksheet)

What does top talent mean? 

Here’s the point of this week’s worksheet: there is no single answer to that question. There is only the right answer for your business. 

Because it is not about the top technical skill or the top skill in these postcodes. 

It is about who will work best in your business, specifically. Combining technical skills with collaborative skills and guiding principles. 

Talent meets creativity

By matching skills to your company’s culture and personality, you end up hiring more than just “a job”.

You hire growth and creativity. 

When people can work to their strengths, they’re more innovative and dedicated.

And there is a type of person out there who will thrive in your working environment. 

Your top talent

Use the worksheet to outline the top personality traits you want and admire in an employee, along with the observable behaviors that tell you a person has that personality. 

Remember: you should fill in a different worksheet for each role, and the list should change slightly each time. It is another way to ensure you maintain a diversity of personalities. 

Hire your best friend? Or the best skills?
Both… and neither.

What next

Are you ready to define the best behaviors for your top roles? Call me for a $900 2-hour workshop to match your org chart to your company culture. 

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