The quick & easy definition of management

And does a business really need it? “Management” and “managers”?

Yes and no. 

A business can choose to ignore the word and all its derivations. But the truth is that “management” is happening anyway, whether intentional or not. So you may as well make it good. 

What does it mean

The problem with asking questions like this of a language-lover is that you will receive an answer about etymology. You have been warned. Here goes. 

The English verb “to manage” comes from the old Italian word “maneggiare”, meaning to handle, in particular with regards to controlling horses. 

This in turn comes from the Latin word “manus”, which means hand. It is believed that “manage” is an amalgamation of “manus” and the verb “agere”, which means to act. 

Management is to take action that handles a situation. To make something happen.

In summary

Business management moves an owner or founder from “idea” to “business”. 

Things are happening; people are working; somebody is making decisions; every day. So the management is happening, whether organized or not. 

A business goes from idea to reality not just once but repeatedly, every day, as it continues to operate and move forward. Every action starts as an idea, after all. 

What is management

The idea is the Vision of success: an image of what could be. 

The reality is the day-to-day work. 

Proper management requires

  • Defining and sharing the vision of success 
  • Creating a plan around expectations and preferences
  • Organizing people and resources to get the work done. 

Whether you planned it or not you are already doing these things, so make sure you do them out loud. 

What next

How do you know your management plan is a good one? Because your employees are happy to work for you. Click on that link and get in touch to discuss Happy Employee consulting for your small business. 

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