Some surprises are bad 😥: why your clients want you to be predictable (3/6)

It’s like that restaurant with great food and bad service

Providing great service isn’t enough.

You have to offer it every time, and it has to be the same every time. 

If your clients never know what to expect when they call you, they will stop calling you. 

Have a plan

Customer experience is part of your business processes. 

Write a plan for how you will serve your clients, and then train your people to follow it. Yes: customer experience requires good employee training. 

Make sure people know

  • What to do, and do it consistently
  • How to do it, and follow the guidelines
  • Why do it, and how they recognize success

Communicate the plan

Make your clients part of the plan. 

Share it with your clients so that they know

  • What is going to happen
  • What they have to do (time with you, deliverables they have to prepare, etc.)

It is all about making it easy for them to work with you. 

Be consistent

Your clients have other things going on: you are just one part of their multifaceted businesses or lives. 

Your consistency shows them that you’ve thought about your process and they can trust it.

So make things easy for them: be reliable. 

What next

What are the three main principles of your customer experience? Not sure yet? Schedule a free 30-minute call to see if some value proposition work might help.