From Strengths to Strategies: Differentiate Your Goals. (The Worksheet)

There is a reason teachers don’t want us to copy in school. 

It’s not just so that we learn the material. It is also so that we learn not to copy. 

Because so much in life is better when it is our own. 

One such point: business goals. 

Your business goals can’t be based on a generic list or copied from your competitors.

You do you

Your business goals have to be yours. 

Made for your business. 

Furthering your mission. 

Using your strengths. 

And enforcing your uniqueness. 

Check your goals

Use the worksheet to run a SWOT analysis prompted by your differentiation: what makes you you, and what you want to achieve. 

Then check your goals against the results. 

Make your business uniquely yours. 

What next

A 2-hour workshop to review your SWOT together is $900, call me and let’s schedule a time