Why You Have To Always Sell Three Things

What you do is all about customer context, how you sell is all about customer buying habits. 

But at some point: you do have to talk about yourself. 

Once your prospects are moving through that buyer’s journey, they will want to know what to expect when working with you. 

They already know – at least generally – what you sell, which is why they are talking to you at all. So go beyond that, and tell them about these three things. 

Sell the need

Does the client understand why they need this product?

Remember that clients know what they want, but part of your job is to explain what they need, to get what they want. That is your area of expertise. 

Explain how this need serves their want. Explain the outcome and demonstrable ROI of investing in this particular service. 

Sell the store

They can go to anybody who offers what you offer. Why should they buy from you?

Tell them about the experience of your store. Yes: even if you don’t have a store. 

What is it like to interact with you, to work with you, and to be in your environment? Explain how you provide your service, and also why you do it that way. 

A retail location wouldn’t open without serious consideration to decor, lighting, layout, and more. Give the same importance to your store, even if it is abstract. 

Sell the product

And only now do we come to your product specifically. 

You have convinced the prospect that they have a need. 

You have told them about how pleasant and easy your store is to use. 

Now explain to them why they should part with their money and time to invest in your particular service. 

Make it easy to buy

It is never just about your product or service. It is always about everything else that goes with it.