Which piece of the pie are you?

Your client’s desire to buy from you hopefully knows no bounds. 

But the thing that does have limits is budget. 

Your clients can make more money, or move money around, but there is only a finite and specific amount of it available at any one time. 

It is a set pie. 

Which piece of that pie are you?

What is your value?

Remember that value is subjective: value only exists in the eyes of the beholder. 

Do you know how much value you bring to your clients? 

Understanding how your client perceives your value will tell you how they allocate budget to your services. 

You want to understand, as much as possible, how your clients make the decision to spend money on you, and why they are happy to spend that money on you. 

And what else do they value?

Do you know which other products, services, and businesses are consuming the same category of the budget that is used for you? 

What if one of those other providers expands their offering and starts to cover some of what you do? How much overlap does there have to be before your client decides their budget is best spent in one place only?

What about everything they are not using yet?

Be aware of the other projects or products that might start knocking on your client’s door. 

If your client’s budget is finite, how will they decide where to allocate that money? 

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  1. Karen Armstrong on December 15, 2020 at 11:23 am

    Great article! In the real estate arena there are constantly new companies and new products coming out to help a seller sell their home. So what is my benefit as a traditional agent? It’s a great question because anybody can put a sign in somebody’s yard and list the home in the MLS. My value comes in my background as an appraiser and selling over 1,200 homes. This knowledge allows me to price a customers house exactly in the sweet spot where it needs to be so that we maximize the amount of money they’re going to get from the home but not price it too high so that they lose the initial market response and the listing gets stale.

    • Rebecca on December 15, 2020 at 1:35 pm

      Yes, I like this view because it touches on both the explicit and intangible knowledge you bring to the table. Your experience means you know both how the markets work, which tactics are most effective, etc., but also how buyers think, how sellers think, what influences trends, and all the more “abstract” knowledge that becomes second nature with this level of experience. That is all value to your clients!