Audience: part 2 of the 2 sides of business

People purchase your service or product with their money, time, habits, and more.

They are your audience. 

And the second side of your business. 

As mentioned last week, everything you do internally will allow you to delight your audience.

This side of your business is not about you anymore. It is all about them. 

What do they want

Remember that nobody wants to buy your product

Your audience wants to do something. Something they can not do right now, but will be able to do after buying from or working with you. 

Find out what your audience really wants. 

What do they do

What are they trying to do before they think of calling you?

What are they able to do after you have finished working with them?

When your clients are working with you, they tend to follow your lead. What if you followed their lead instead, to understand what prompts their decisions and what they hope for? 

Find out what your audience is doing. 

What do they value

Know what matters to your clients. 

It is never just “getting the thing done”. In the same way that you have standards and principles for your business, they have the same concerns. 

Find out what matters to your clients. 

Know your audience

You need to know more than just what your audience looks like. You want to know what motivates them and what drives them. 

What next

What do you know about your audience? Let me know, and let’s hop on a 30-minute call to see what information you have, and what is missing.