Hiring For Culture – The Bad

The bad? 

But this blog often stresses the importance of values, guiding principles, and culture. Employees respond to working environments and shared goals. 

What is “bad” about hiring for culture?

The challenge

For one thing, it is easier said than done. 

A description of corporate culture is challenging enough for any business to achieve. People have different opinions about what their culture is. Even when using the same words, it can turn out people mean different things. 

Let alone then identifying all of that in a candidate, in the few and superficial interactions of the interview process. 

The risk

Even with a defined company culture — and especially if it is defined based on personality traits alone — hiring for culture alone brings the risk of homogeneity. 

When a business describes its culture by a type of personality or a type of person and then tries to hire just that type of person, the business ends up being populated by a bunch of people with the same personality. 

The risk is a lack of diversity in numerous aspects of business:

  • In skills
  • In opinions
  • In ideas
  • In behaviors

And probably more. 

In conclusion

Don’t let your focus on culture, personality, type, outweigh the needs of your business. 

Think of skill gaps and different experiences, and find people who will bring a fresh perspective to your business. 

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