How to Have Dedicated Employees

Decicated Employees

Dedicated Employees are hard working employees.

When your people know that you will guide them and trust them, they will be both more productive and more accountable.

Are you growing your staff with confidence? Are you hiring wisely? Do you have the right people in the right seats?

Whether you are getting ready to hire, or want to increase productivity, The Process workshop will tell you your Roles, your Goals, and the Controls needed to manage your people successfully.

Let's build a workplace that is efficient: things get done, and effective: the right things get done.

Ready to get started?

A 3-part workshop, $2760.-

  1. What are the roles your business needs
  2. What are the goals your business pursues
  3. What are the controls your business measures

For a single topic assessment and plan at $950.-, select from

  1. Excellent Remote Teams
  2. Better Company Meetings
  3. How to Manage Change
  4. Employee On-boarding
  5. Hiring Wisely


Rebecca has been excellent. She has been able to help me move through a process that seemed overwhelming when considering on my own. I've actually seen myself achieve goals and make excellent progress in a systematic manner

Karen Armstrong

Keller Williams Realty

I have better processes for my team, so that they can be service implementors and my sales process has been completely revolutionized. ... As long as I have a business, I anticipate Rebecca being a part of it.

Heather Riggs

Atlanta Legal Marketing

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How To Balance Strategy And Culture

This blog is first and foremost about business strategy.  To create loyal customers, to nurture dedicated employees, to manage the business process, all comes down to a solid strategy. Within that strategy, some things are written in pen, and some things are written in pencil.  Company culture is written in pen.  And is written well…

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Why You Need To Be Loud … Remotely

Working from home, remote working, staying at home while trying to work… whatever you call it, some version of the home office is probably here to stay.  When you were at the office, you were physically present and could be seen at your desk, in meetings, and doing all the work things.  Now your presence…

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Goals Are Not Smart

Achieving work-life balance means knowing what makes us content, both in work and outside of it. Letting your employees bring their personal goals into the workplace will create a strong working culture, with a happy team.  The secret is having everybody use the same structure for managing their goals, so they can be aligned with…

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Cultural Hiring Risks

Last week we discussed the risks associated with making hiring decisions based exclusively on company culture.  If your business lacks a diversity of ability and thought, it will struggle to grow and develop.  This week, let’s dive into a few of these risks to see them in action.  Skills diversity You will always need people…

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Hiring For Culture – The Bad

The bad?  But this blog often stresses the importance of values, guiding principles, and culture. Employees respond to working environments and shared goals.  What is “bad” about hiring for culture? The challenge For one thing, it is easier said than done.  A description of corporate culture is challenging enough for any business to achieve. People…

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The Balance Of Work/Life Balance

When I say “work-life balance”, what do you think?  Employees: “boundaries from work and control over my time.” Employers: “my employees asking for more time off.” Who is right? They both are. And the conflict deepens when the business owner confronts her own work-life balance: “How can I justify the time off to read a…

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Employee Onboarding – A Success Story

“His work is always good quality, and yet every project is a struggle”.  My client was ready to bring a contractor on as a full time employee, but knew that something was still missing. The employee’s work was always good quality and done to standard. And yet… everything seemed to take longer than it should,…

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When People Are The Problem

When I write about your team and employees, I talk about them as one of your greatest assets, and I focus on how to set them up for success. But that is not always how it goes, and I recently had a question from a concerned client asking what to do when an employee just,…

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Business Values: Management Starts Before You Hire

It is the eternal dilemma of the manager or business owner: how to manage people with inspiration, leadership, and motivation, still maintaining a results-driven approach? Of course you want to nurture your team, let people develop their strengths, create a job they will enjoy, and more. But not to the detriment of meeting targets. How…

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How To Ask Bad Interview Questions

Let us also dedicate a few words to bad interview questions. Here are some formats to avoid: Yes/No questions. Especially ones where the obvious answer is yes. “Are you good at problem solving?” If anybody answers no let me know, I would like to interview that person for this blog. Trick or silly questions. “If…

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