Dedicated Employees

Decicated Employees

Dedicated Employees are hard working employees.

When your people know that you will guide them and trust them, they will be both more productive and more accountable.

Are you growing your staff with confidence that you are hiring wisely? Do you know what needs to get done in your business? Whether you are getting ready to hire, or want to increase productivity, The Process workshop will tell you your Roles, your Goals, and the Controls you need to manage your people successfully.

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A 3-part workshop, $2640 + $40 per person


Rebecca has been excellent. She has been able to help me move through a process that seemed overwhelming when considering on my own. I've actually seen myself achieve goals and make excellent progress in a systematic manner

Karen Armstrong

Keller Williams Realty

I have better processes for my team, so that they can be service implementors and my sales process has been completely revolutionized. ... As long as I have a business, I anticipate Rebecca being a part of it.

Heather Riggs

Atlanta Legal Marketing

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