Don’t Forget the Midfield

Goals get people on their feet. At each goal the stadium erupts, lights and music join the cheer, and excitement is at a ten.

But what makes the game great is what happens in the midfield.

A soccer field is a lot of space to cover. Getting the ball into the opposing team’s box takes numerous maneuvers, while being challenged by the opposing team, and the need to make split-second decisions continuously.

This area requires technical skill, tactical skill, and strategy all at once. Get the ball through, and you can set up a beautiful play for the perfect finish. And a goal.

Your business midfield

Soccer is not just two or three people scoring goals. 

Likewise, your business is never about just one thing. 

It is not all about the product. It is not all about sales. It’s not even all about customers. 

It’s not all finance, or HR, or culture. 

[ctt template=”11″ link=”dm4Hw” via=”no” ]Your business needs your craft, you plans, and your values to work all together. [/ctt]

All of these things are important. But if you make your business all about one of these areas, that will never be enough. 

You don’t want to build a product that nobody needs; you can’t sell a product that doesn’t exist; if you only serve your customers you will never get new ones; and so on and so forth. 

All the moving parts

An effective midfield requires technical skill in managing the ball. It requires tactical skill in knowing the best plays for your team. It requires strategy in knowing how best to compete. 

Your business needs your craft, you plans, and your values to work all together. Connect all the parts of your business under a common goal and standard, and encourage each department – whether that means many different people or just one – to use their best skills to achieve those goals. 

Do you know who is throwing the assists in your team?