Strategic Business Model

Achieve your business goals

A written business model is your plan for prosperity

How do you provide value? What is your plan to achieve your business goals? Have you made it easy for people to buy from you?

Ensure you are running your business and it is not running you with a defined business model.

We will work on:

  1. Your product
  2. Your Clients
  3. Your Competition
  4. Your Sales
  5. Your Leadership


Half day: $1320 + $40 per person

3 Sessions: $2640 + $40 per person

Or $220 an hour

What my clients are saying...

What I find extremely helpful, is the customized solution you have provided. Instead of putting us through a standard one size fits all program, you are helping us work on the aspects that are most important to us. This allows us to focus on the areas that generate the most cash flow, while tweaking more long-term goals. This is key to us as a young company.

- Jay Hobdy, Gotcha Security

My thoughts on Business Models...

Why Ask Why – A Story

Making the right decision is never easy. One of the things that makes it difficult is that we so often are fixing the wrong problem.  Once a business problem becomes obvious to us, it has been through various stages of development. If we try to solve only the problem that we see, we risk solving…

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Five Sales Truths To Have Loyal Clients

We are all sales people.  Not according to our job titles or our job descriptions. But the reality is: we all have to be finding and bringing new clients to our businesses.  Whether you are the business owner or sales person specifically, if you play any role in developing new business, these five truths apply…

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Consultant Corner – Finding the Buyer

In B2B Sales, you are always selling to three people. Who are they and how are they different. My SkillShare profile and courses are all found here:

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Consultant Corner – Video excerpt of my talk

From a recent conference presentation I gave: Business Launch Masterclass. Note: this was my colleague’s phone set on a tripod, not the official event video. Thus you will have to raise your volume and excuse me going off screen occasionally. Find all my Udemy courses

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Selling Peace of Mind

A comment I have heard in at least four different conversations over the past couple of months: “I sell peace of mind”.  The four people who said this were: an attorney, a beauty salon owner, an auto mechanic, and a doggy day care owner.  But they all sell the same thing… or do they?  What…

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Be The Best Option – A Case Study

People have options. The content in this blog is about finding ways to always be the best option.  To be the best option, you must be targeting the right clients and then solving their particular problems.  I saw this happen recently with a CPA firm.  The problem They were serving anyone.  Everybody needs to file…

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Choose your Clients

Your Ideal Client – as we determined in last week’s post – needs exactly the solution you provide. (Their need matches your service).  That post covers half of the matter… ok, maybe ¾ of it… the point is: it focuses only on the client.  But let’s face it: you have to serve the client. You…

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Your Ideal Client

Might have red hair, or be a company with fifty employees, or drive a Honda. Your ideal client might have a certain job title, be in a particular marital status, have a particular responsibility. Different companies and products will have different essentials to describe their ideal clients. Each list of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” will be…

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Consultant Corner – Do you know your service benefits?

Does your messaging pass the “So What” test? ✍? Run your business with confidence, check out my course: Business Decision Making: Solve Problems with Confidence Prefer Skillshare to Udemy? Then click here. 

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Consultant Corner – Do you know your service features?

Check out last week’s video about selling the Process. Process is part of your sales package, which must also include Features. Often confused with benefits or values, this video explains what features are and how to list your own service features. When you sell knowledge, this work becomes essential! To launch your new career as…

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