The two things that need to change

The new calendar year is around the corner. For many business owners, this means new plans, new goals, and new strategies.

It means change. 

But change is not a light switch you turn on the morning of Jan 1. 

Change is a process. 

How does change happen

Change is hard. People are used to doing things in a certain way. 

To create real change, two adjustments are required:

  • A change in motivation, and
  • A change of habits. 

Because it is not your business that changes: it is the people in your business that have to change. The business changes as a consequence of your employees’ (and your own) new motivations and new habits. 

Give change time

It takes time to change people’s motivation, and even more time to change their habits, even with happy employees. 

And the only way to do both of these is to get your people on board. 

When you want to cause a change in your business, start with a change management plan

Don’t give people a lecture about what is changing. 

Instead plan a workshop, in which everybody can contribute. Let your people share their ideas, discuss next actions, and be part not just of the change, but of the recommendation to change. 

What next

Change is not a decision. It’s a plan. 

Write to me and put Change Management in the message box to discuss building your business’ change management plan.