3 simple ways to destroy your work life balance

“40 hours is enough”.

So Jason Fried tells us when he is telling us about a work week. 

40 hours of work each week is enough. Because your life is not just work. Your life is also life, and everything that goes into it. 

It’s important to make time for other activities and responsibilities so we can stimulate our brains in different ways. 

But perhaps you disagree. In case you want to ruin your work life balance, here are three helpful tips. 

Call it work life balance

That is your first tip. 

If you want to create tension between work and life – or even more tension than there is now – then continue to think about them as two things in complete opposition to one another. Continue to think of work and life as being in an antagonistic, war-like relationship. Your work is time away from “life”, but life is all lost productivity at “work”. They will never coexist peacefully.

Be fake

Use up a lot of energy in being somebody who you are not. 

Make sure you’re a different kind of person in all parts of your life: work, social, family, etc. Then be all those different people in each circumstance. 

Never be you, always be a pretend version of you. 

Passion only

If something does not fill you with unbridled passion and overwhelming joy, don’t do it. 

You must be overcome with positive emotion at each moment of every day. If not, you are doing it wrong. 

Life balance

You only have one life, and it is made up of many different parts. 

Allow those parts to live in harmony together, be the person you like to be, and pursue contentment rather than exuberance. 

What next

Do 40 hours seem impossible to you now? Let’s have a 30-minute call to see what is taking up your time, and discuss a plan to make things better.