What Happens After You Leave the Room?

And how can  you know? Defining your Solution is all about understanding that moment.

You can hardly sell value to your clients if you don’t understand how their lives change thanks to your product or service. Almost all of my clients – whether for consulting work or training – request a work-through of Defining their Solution. The first step of which is to understand the problem you are solving. I help my clients work through these areas.

Before you enter the room

Your clients know that they need something. Without this acknowledgement there will be no sale.

The question is: what do they know about what they need? We have mentioned that clients have access to a fair amount of information. Endeavor to understand where and how they collect that information, and how they think of their own issues and perceived solutions.

When you are in the room

This is what we have been discussing over the past few weeks: when you are problem solving.

Your product or service solves a problem, but you can’t get to that stage without the sales process. If you have made your sales process part of the Problem Solving, rather than a separate concern, then you should be successful in converting this client.

In this stage you are providing immediate help through good communication, a simple process, a helpful demeanor and general high level delivery.

After you have left the room

This is where all the value resides. When your client sees his or her life improved for the better.

Focus on understanding this, to make the whole sales process collaborative and simple.

How it works

I start my clients out with the jargon-removal exercise. This alone creates a significant shift in their paradigm towards both their clients and their product or service. From here, I work them through their clients’ process for understanding the need, finding a solution and implementing it.


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