Put the client first when you talk about your business 🥇 (2/6)

Now that you’ve got an enticing mission statement, it’s time to talk about clients. Who are you serving on this great adventure?

Explain the problem your clients have, and explain how you solve it.

If you were a dentist

If I have a toothache I go to the dentist. I have no idea what I need for my teeth because I’m not a dentist. I know exactly what I want: no more pain. The dentist will diagnose and know what I need to get rid of that pain. 

The problem, or what the client wants

Forbes suggests describing “the what, why, why now” of the problem. 

Simply describe what your client wants, and you’ll be forced to tell a complete story.

  • The problem for a divorce attorney client isn’t “getting a divorce”. The problem is a bad divorce. The client wants a fast settlement, an amicable one, a profitable one, and the greatest reduction of stress and anxiety. 
  • The problem for a remodeler client isn’t “the kitchen is old”. The problem is an imposition on their lifestyle. The client wants a place to entertain, storage for kitchen gadgets, natural light, a place to experiment, and a place to unwind. 

The solution, or what the client needs

The simple way to look at this is: what exactly do you do that solves the problem? 

Not the ideas, not the concepts. The tasks, and the facts. 

How you go about solving the problem is the description of your solution. 

The trick to telling this part of the story is to keep the focus on your clients more than on your service. Your job description is the least important word

What next

Can you talk solely about what your clients want, without making it all about you?

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