Educational Sales

“What should I do with this email list?”

Not an uncommon question, and there are numerous strategies and tactics you can employ to make the most of your email list.

But before you design your cadence, you must determine your governing strategy, which is more about your business than it is about your email list.


If you take away just one word from today’s post, let is be this one: Educate.

Names and contact details are great assets, and yes: cold-emailing can be effective. It results in a yes or no reply, and the conversation ends at the first “no”.

Education creates an ongoing relationship and allows you to have conversations with your clients about so much more.

It’s about content

As always, remind yourself: “It’s not me: it’s you”.

Your email list isn’t about you: it is about the people on the list. This is not about what you can get out of the list, but rather what they can get out of being on the list.

  • What is happening in your industry that can impact your clients?
  • What are alternatives to their problems they may not have considered?
  • What news should they be aware of?
  • What is a new way to look at their business?
  • What are they afraid of, and how can you mitigate those fears?

Use content to engage in a different way and start on-going conversations, not just the yes/no ones.

Use your key differentiator in business to drive your content themes.

You haven’t yet determined your key differentiator? Let’s schedule a workshop to determine what makes you and your business unique.