Educational Sales – the What

Last week we took a close look at enterprise sales and the various level of customers within each client organization. 

This led us to Educational Sales.

But what is educational sales? And how do you do it?

Why educational sales

B2B sales will always be decision by committee. And not all people involved in the decision are necessarily involved in the use or application of your product or service.

This is just one reason for an educational approach. The other – and it is worth it’s own blog post or even book – is that education broadens your appeal. If you only talk about what you do, then you will only appeal to the people specifically looking for what you do.

To attract people who are not aware of their need, teach about benefits, success stories, and all the ways life could be better.

Structuring your educational approach

If you are always focused on education, you know you are always providing value.

Think about consequences of businesses not using your product or service and build risk mitigation talks/white papers/presentations/content/etc. around those issues.

Prepare content – spoken or written – that addresses three key points:

1) What problem does your market have?
2) What is a good solution to that problem?
3) Why are you best positioned to provide that solution?

Build your educational content around these questions, and you will broaden your appeal to a wider captive audience.

This exercise is part of my Differentiator Training Program – What Makes You Stand Out. To book a 3-part training session, drop me a line