Don’t tell me: show me

Raise your hand if you do not sell a quality service. 

Hmm, it doesn’t look like anybody is participating. I suppose everybody here does offer a high-quality service. 

And that’s exactly the problem. 

If it is true for everybody, then it means nothing to anybody. 

There is no such thing as quality

Because if it can apply to everybody, then it doesn’t tell us anything useful. 

Nobody is out there selling “not quality”. We should be able to take for granted that what you have to offer is high quality. 

“Aha,” you may say, “but I have seen others in my field whose quality is much lower than mine.”

But would they agree?

This is the other problem with the word “quality”. Any way you look at it, it remains a question of opinion. 

Different people interpret the word differently, so you can’t know for sure what you are promising your clients when you say you offer quality. 

So what are you offering?

That’s it, that’s the question. 

What, specifically, do you mean when you say you offer quality?

What is a promise that you can make to your audience about the type of work you do, your standard, and the experience of working with you?

Describe what people can expect in a way that is clear and factual rather than opinion-based. 

Prove that you offer quality by describing what it is, and showing it to me in our time together. 

What next

Take every word – like quality – that applies to any business. 

Explain it in three sentences. What does it mean to you?

Is it about responsiveness? Is it about value add, or extra features? Is it about a level of detail? Is it about speed? Is it about materials? Is it about your surroundings?

Find out what quality is in your business and then show your clients what quality means.