Do you know what your clients want?

Your clients know what they want

To get what they want, they need something: you. You know what they need, which allows them to get what they want. (If this doesn’t sound familiar, see the link above). 

Now let’s make sure that you understand what your clients want. 


Let’s start with how your clients like to use your service. 

Ignore your preferences for a moment and think only about your clients: how do they like to use what you offer? How do they like to engage with you and your product? What do they expect will happen as a result? How do they want the entire experience to happen? 

When you are serving your clients, you will be thinking about delivering your service to perfection. Make some space to think about how your client wants to receive it as well, and worry less about perfection and more about customer satisfaction. 


Now let’s try to understand how your customer arrived at your doorstep. 

Keep moving backward through your customer’s journey. 

What was your client doing just before they called you up (literally or figuratively: they may have submitted a website contact request or sent you an email)?

Now ask yourself: what might have happened to them before they called you? What was going on around them, in their business, and their work environment?

Once you have answered this, ask yourself: and what happened just before that?

And one more time: what happened just before that?


Understand the whole customer journey – from initial trigger to their use of your service – to properly understand what your customer wants. 

It is the only way you can sell them what they need. 

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