5 Categories of Objections

Pairing my appreciation for systems with the importance of responding to objections, I do train my clients on how to pro-actively manage this part of their sales conversations.

In other words: there’s a strategy for that. And it starts before any sales conversation has occurred.

All objections will fall into one of five categories. Understanding these, we can anticipate a client’s concerns and prepare for this difficult part of the conversation.

Why bother?

Because sales objections are valuable information for us, and an opportunity to wow our new customers.

See the infographic below for an introduction to the five categories of objections you can encounter. Ask the right questions to understand where the objection really lies: when a prospect complains about price, does he actually mean he wants a smaller solution? If he says he doesn’t need your product, is he actually concerned about quality control?

Stay tuned: in next week’s post I will explain how I use these categories to train my clients in objection handling, to increase the number of sales they close, and reduce the time it takes to do so.