Strategic Business Process

Manage your business effectively

Research has shown:

Good Leadership requires

  • Clear Goals
  • Clear Responsibilities
  • Clear Process

With a strong and clear workflow you will be more productive, using fewer resources. Over the course of these sessions we will create strong goals, define the responsibilities and roles in your business, and write an outcome-focused business process that will allow you to grow, hire, and increase the value of your business.


Half day: $1320 + $40 per person

3 Sessions: $2640 + $40 per person

Or $220 an hour

What my clients are saying..

Rebecca has been excellent. She has been able to help me move through a process that seemed overwhelming when considering on my own. I've actually seen myself achieve goals and make excellent progress in a systematic manner.

- Karen Armstrong, Keller Williams Realtor

I have better processes for my team, so that they can be service implementers and my sales process has been completely revolutionized. ... As long as I have a business, I anticipate Rebecca being a part of it.

- Heather Riggs, Atlanta Legal Marketing

My thoughts on Business Process

The fun factor: how to build your customer experience 🥳(5/5)

Benefits aren’t everything: complete your offering with a great customer experience.  I am obliged to eat every single day. Since it is something I must do, I am determined to have fun doing it.  Once your clients are convinced by your benefits, they still have to work with you on it all. Make sure they…

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The magic happens inside the box: innovate to grow your business 🔄(6/6)

Innovation.  The magic, as we have seen, happens inside the box.  Innovation works best when it uses tools already available, allowing adaptation and evolution over time. Just like Shakespeare changed existing words to create new ones, let your business change existing ideas to create new success.  Innovation is internal Your employees are your greatest innovation…

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Some surprises are bad 😥: why your clients want you to be predictable (3/6)

It’s like that restaurant with great food and bad service.  Providing great service isn’t enough. You have to offer it every time, and it has to be the same every time.  If your clients never know what to expect when they call you, they will stop calling you.  Have a plan Customer experience is part…

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How to always give clients what they want

It’s not you: it’s them.  Everything your business does is about your clients. And nothing your business does matters if it isn’t what your clients want.  In the words of the great Peter Drucker, the sole purpose of a business is to: “create and keep a customer“. You might have a great product, be a…

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Operational efficiency: an essential to grow your business

Business growth is what we’re talking about, but to achieve growth, you must scale your business.  Growing your business means adding parts. More clients, more employees, more desks, more anything. Scaling your business means that your revenue increases, but your resources stay about the same.  For more on that see my post Why scaling is…

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3 must-know essentials to grow your business

You want to grow your business.  Why else would you be in business if not for some type of growth? After all, growth brings you more than just revenue. It is also about new opportunities, new clients, additional products or services, stronger bargaining power, better talent, and especially: increased value for a future exit.  Growth,…

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Operations: part 1 of the 2 sides of business

Because I like numbers, or because I like lists, or maybe because it was lunchtime and I was hungry, I recently came across this 2020 article about the two sides of business. (The PB&J image showed up first).  Mainly I like business to be simple. A two-sided object is pretty simple. What are operations I…

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Productivity & Profit: why delegating is good for your business

Delegating. It sounds so simple.  You’re too busy, you ask somebody else to do some of the work you are doing, and now you are less busy and everything is getting done.  But delegation is much more than that.  Delegation is business management: it is an important part of business decision-making and is necessary for…

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How does everybody spend their time?

“I want all my employees to be in the office to Build better camaraderie Brainstorm more Make sure I know what they are doing“ If you’re in point three, where your employees work doesn’t matter. You still don’t know what they are doing.  What are people doing? It’s unlikely that you spend all day standing…

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The historical lens of lessons learned

One of the challenges of studying history, classics, and the past, is knowing how to read stories through the right lens: is it ours, or is it the lens of the time? Do you know how this comes up in business?  In your Lessons Learned.  Lessons Learned After a major project or process update, you…

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